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Plastics Industry Articles

Here you'll find Plastics Industry Articles from top plastics industry experts on designing and processing with plastic materials. You'll also find article about specific materials and material types, along with simulation, testing and more.

Celanese Celanese Plastic Gears Kit

Designing with Plastics

Clearly Superior: Epoxies for Optical Applications
Master Bond Inc.

Powerful Prospector searches add UL Yellow Card information for Plastics
Specifying Plastics for Appliances FAST!
From Idea to Finished Plastic Part
Günther Hot Runners
Choosing Sides
What Color is Your Prototype?
A Design Recipe For Plastics Ribs
Solvay Advanced Polymers

Plastic Materials

Recycled Plastics
Using Unidirectional Glass Tapes to Improve Impact Performance of Thermoplastic Composites in Automotive Applications
Conductive Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs)
RTP Company
High-PV Wear Study of Six High Performance Wear Grade Engineering Plastics
PBI Performance Prodcuts, Inc.
Multi-component Injection Molding Enabling Soft Touch Interiors Technology Through Process and Material Development
A. Schulman
A Brief History of Elastomers
Alliance Polymers & Services, LLC
Raman Spectroscopy 101 for Plastics Identification
RAPID•ID™ is the Cure for Medical Plastics Quality Control
Intevac Photonics, DeltaNu
Top 10 Article & Case Study Downloads for Plastic Materials

Plastics Processing

Particle Size Distributions: Dynamic Image Analysis Beats Laser Diffraction in Micron to Millimeter Range
Milling and Sizing! Innovations at POWTECH 2013
Introduction to Thermoforming & Vacuum Forming
Mayfield Plastics
Uniform Wall Thickness for Good Plastic Injection Molded Parts
Eliminate Bubbles, Voids, Sinks & Blisters
John Bozzelli
Determining Plastic Pressure Drop During Injection Molding
Suhas Kulkarni
Thermal Transitions in Polymers & Application to Injection Molding
Suhas Kulkarni

Plastic Injection Molding




Characterizing Foam Hinged Lid Containers Utilizing Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
Associated Polymer Labs, Inc.
Material Performance Using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
Associated Polymer Labs, Inc.
Choosing the Right Extensometer for Plastic Materials Testing
Zwick Roell Group

Plastics Industry Articles